Crossing Two Favorite States

We had a relaxing day yesterday – lazy breakfast with friends in Memphis, then a lovely drive to Nashville on Hwy 100. No trucks, no traffic, no accidents, no road construction – it was heavenly!

We stopped for a visit to Chickasaw State Park, where Rex and I first met back in the summer of 1972, and then we went to Henderson (Rex’s home town) and stopped by the prayer garden at his old church, had a bit of silent prayer and conversation with his parents and our relatives at the cemetery, and did a drive by of the house where so much love was shared by the McCallum family.

In Nashville we got to see Kevin and Laura, and Laura’s mom even put us up for the night! What a fun day!

Lots of miles to cover today, so we stuck to the crowded interstates. Breakfast in Nashville, a quick stop at Kay and Kyle’s for a visit, and one pit stop were our only breaks, but it was so worth it to have Elliot come running out for a big Happy hug!! David fixed us a delicious meal and we’ve spent the evening chatting and watching football. Oh, and fun bath time and bedtime with E!


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