Just call us Adventurers. Food Adventurers!

Friday, 9 August 2019

Our food tour was not starting until 11 AM, so we enjoyed a lazy morning of snoozing, TV, and surfing the internet, until there was a knock at the door and a call of room service.  I told the man we hadn’t ordered room service, and he said he had a package for us.  Since I was expecting a package (I forgot my camera charger and extra battery and Rex was kind enough to find it and send it to me), I opened the door and scared poor Clifton with my bed head!  But I’ve got the batteries and the charger!

We strolled down to the North Market and saw a few other women waiting at the meeting spot.  Soon our guide Debra appeared as did ten more women.  It was definitely sisters day!!  Of the three women, two were twins and the other had been friends with them since 4th grade.  Of the group of six women, four were sisters and the other two were married to their brothers.  We are pretty sure the other group of four women included a pair of sisters as well.  Debra said it was her first all woman group in 8 years!

Our itinerary for the day included stops at Hot Chicken Takeover, several shops in North Market, The Guild House, Pint House, and Jeni’s.  Good to know we can still pick the good eats!

Debra was a fantastic guide, and we learned some Columbus history was well as tasting some of its fabulous food.  We also had a quick stop at the sculpture garden of an art museum.  

In case a trip to Columbus is in your future, check out http://www.ColumbusFoodAdventures.com or their sister companies, Columbus Brew Adventures or Columbus City Adventures.  The Sassy Sisters give them two thumbs up!

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