Off Like a Herd of Turtles…

Wednesday, 7 August 2019
Memphis TN to Bardstown KY

As you know, the Sassy Sisters travel on our own time and without a lot of planning, and this year we are taking it to the limit. We have NO plans and only one reservation (for a food tour). So, we will be as surprised as you to learn where we are going and when!  Our general destination is upstate New York, with a stop in Columbus OH to see the Chihuly exhibit there. 

We left Memphis about 1 PM today after stopping off to see Kim’s daughter, Kerry, and her cute bungalow and lovable dog and then going to Crosstown Concourse for lunch. What a cool venue!  The gigantic building used to be a Sears retail store and distribution center, and at one time it was the country’s largest warehouse. After sitting abandoned and idle for years, it was reclaimed and renovated and is now home to a clinic, condos and apartments, many restaurants, an art gallery, a meeting place, and more. 

We wandered around, then had lunch at the Saucy Chicken, followed by some cookies for Kim from lucy j’s bakery and a Mexican popsicle for me (roasted peaches) from MemPops. It was all good!

We chose to take US 70 and 79 out of Memphis and travelled through some of the towns of our childhood – Bells, Humboldt, and Milan – before making our first stop in Paris. When we saw a sign for the Eiffel Tower Park, of course we had to stop. This was my third Eiffel Tower sighting in five weeks!

We took a short Sonic break then set a course for Bardstown, KY, and the lovely Talbott Inn, owned by our friend Kathy Kuhn Kelley.  We sort of forgot we’d lose an hour to Eastern time, so we opted to stop in Litchfield for dinner while still on Central time. Sorry we missed you, Shan Fox Embry! We had a fantastic pizza at Rough River Pizza. Oh, and of course we made a pit stop at Beaver Dam. Our Kentucky friends know that’s a rule!

We rolled in to Bardstown about 10:15, found our hidden room key, and settled right in our huge and comfortable room. Kim is already off to dreamland. Night!

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