To the Outer Banks!

Graham to Corolla, NC

Today we got to spend more time with Elliot – mornings are so fun when you don’t have to rush! Of course, not rushing meant we had to forego some Dana time….. We got to Durham about an hour after we had planned, so we popped in on the Mah Jongg game to say hello before heading to Monuts for breakfast.

If you haven’t made it to Monuts (where Magnolia Grill used to be on 9th St) yet, do yourself a favor and get over there! See photos and drool.

Since we had to go to Raleigh¬†anyway, we decided to go to the Capitol. It will win no awards in our book, other than being the only ‘Capitol’ we’ve been to that didn’t appear to really be the Capitol. It was a museum where very little legislating or adjudicating takes place. Hopefully some governing does….

Our next stop was Manteo, but we arrived there the same time a thunderstorm did, so we crossed the bridge for the Outer Banks and turned left. We ate an early dinner (no lunch or snacks) at The Blue Point in Duck.  We were lucky to find a room at the Hampton in Corolla, and it was right on the beach.

After dinner, we walked on the beach until well after dark. Oh, it’s good to be on the Carolina coast again!


NC State Capitol, Raleigh 2015

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