Another Two Lighthouse Day: Hatteras and Ocracoke

Hatteras Island to Ocracoke Island, NC

We didn’t tarry this morning in our DELUX accommodations and we were soon standing in a long line at the Orange Blossom Bakery waiting for our breakfast orders, which we scarfed down on the porch. Once nourished and ready to face the day, we went to the Hatteras Lighthouse.

Unfortunately, we had just missed the 9/11 remembrance, which we realized as we saw multiple fire trucks leaving from the lighthouse. Turns out that each year, on this somber anniversary, the firefighters run up to the top of the 286′ lighthouse (tallest one in America) in FULL GEAR. Trust me, it was hot enough and hard enough to walk up it in shorts! However, once again, the view from the top was totally worth the exertion to get there.

We walked through the museum at the keepers’ quarters and then we’re off to the ferry dock, bound for Ocracoke island. The ride over was about an hour long and uneventful.

Once on Ocracoke, we continued our journey down Hwy 12, stopping once to see the wild ponies and the beach. We found our home for the evening at the Edwards Guest House, settled in, and set off on foot to explore the village.

We popped in at a few shops, but we mostly slaked our thirst with a few chilly ones. We walked down to the Ocracoke Lighthouse, which is still operational after opening in 1873. Too bad – we couldn’t walk up it…

We had a lovely dinner at the Flying Melon, and we could have qualified for the early bird special…seriously, people with little kids were arriving for dinner as we left to walk home. Kim rocked for a bit on the porch while I checked emails and such. It was another good day!

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