That’s the Way We Roll

In case this is your first trip with us, I’ll give you an idea about how we travel by sharing our Sassy Sister Road Rules with you:

* Talk to strangers, the stranger the better.
* Drive on two-lane roads as much as possible.
* Be off the two-lane roads before dark.
* Eat at local restaurants (not chains) for every meal possible.
* Always stop for ice cream, regardless of the hour.
* Start early and eat breakfast before you go too far…
* Check the tub before you get naked.
* If you think you should take a picture, stop, get out of the car, and take it. Go back and take it if you have to.
* Turning around is advised – you’ll always regret that you didn’t stop.
* Stop and see any attraction that costs less than $5, especially if it has great billboards.
* If there is an alternate route or detour, it’s worth a look.
* If it’s a national park, monument, lakeshore, or recreation area, it’s worth stopping for. That’s why you’ll want to have a national park pass!  And if you’re 62 or over, hurry up and get your lifetime senior pass for $10!
* Ask for what you want. Just because a place looks closed doesn’t mean you can’t go in.
* Keep your cell phone charged and handy, and have great apps downloaded and ready.  Just don’t expect to always have service or wifi or cellular data!
* Laugh loudly and laugh often, especially if you’re lost.
* Have an idea where you’re going and do your research so you won’t miss anything good.
* Be prepared to change your mind and your route at any time.
* Be flexible. Call ahead when you’re running late and make alternate arrangements.
* When you get lost, blame the mapmaker or the road signs or the GPS instead of the navigator or the driver.
* Be prepared. Travel with plenty of ice and drinks (always have one beer per person in the bottom of the cooler) and take your favorite snacks, too.
* Remember all the little stuff you may need – Tide to Go, TP, Sharpies, batteries, paper towels, pocket knives, GPS, etc.
* Have great music and play it loudly. And sing.
* Synchronize the date and time on all cameras.
* Blog or journal and download your pictures every day. It’s amazing what you forget! Use a tape recorder, too.
* Take a file for your memorabilia, maps, tickets, plans, etc. and use it.
* ALWAYS have a camera with you (especially in bathrooms!).
* 300 miles in one day is a lot to travel on two lane roads with lots to see and do. However long you think it will take, add several hours.
* Always have plenty of gas in the tank.
* Remember that the ‘rules’ are really suggestions – be safe and have fun!

If you know me at all, you’ll recognize the absurdity of at least two things – 1) I made a list and 2) it’s a list of RULES.  Everyone knows I lose lists and break rules, but you never know, this year might be different!  It’s almost time to start my engine….

and no, I haven’t started packing yet,


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