Rain, Rain, Go Away

Saturday, 7 August 2010  Big Sky, Montana

Call us lazy if you will, but after two long days on the road, followed by four wild days at Showcase and then five fun-filled days on the road with Kim, I was ready for a little down time!  I have to admit I wasn’t all that unhappy to see it wasn’t going to be a pretty day today.  Up on top of Big Sky, it was a bit brisk, or as my son would say, it was a ‘tid bit nipply’ and the sun was hiding.  Of course, we only noticed that after we finally roused ourselves about 9 AM.  It was great to sleep in!  Kim was very industrious, though, and went down to the fitness center to work out.  I started the laundry – hey, somebody had to do it!


We were so thankful to Jan and Ed (cousins in law) for letting us land at their fantastic condo for a few days – it was such a treat to be in a home instead of a hotel for a couple of days!!  And here we were, in the lap of luxury!  It was lunch time before we were ready to venture down the mountain, and since we hadn’t had any luck getting an internet connection, we lugged our computers down the hill with us as we went in search of food.  Jan had mentioned a place called the Blue Bird Cafe, and we have a great track record with motels and restaurants named Blue Bird, so off we went.  We were not disappointed!


I had a delicious salad with grilled chicken, avocado, goat cheese, and a yummy raspberry vinaigrette dressing, and Kim had a chicken panini.  We had both really salivated over the ‘Mac Daddy’ mac and cheese, so we ordered a side to share.  Mmmm, was it ever good!  It was so rich we couldn’t even eat it all!  But we did find room for some blueberry vanilla lemonade, which happened to be an adult beverage and was very refreshing.  For a few minutes, we thought the sun might shine, so we left our car at the Blue Bird and walked over to the Hungry Moose, where we had heard there was wifi.  On the way we met two adorable Labradoodles named Rodeo and Montana – they were so cute!!  We got all situated outside when it decided to get chilly and windy and even rainy!


We moved indoors and had visions of catching up on this blog and being ready to keep it up to date, but we were already so behind that it was a lost cause!  While I was fine spending the afternoon inside on my computer, I think Kim was ready for a little more action.  As always, though, she was a good sport and we just passed the whole day in the Hungry Moose!  I didn’t even take any pictures of it!


By the time we had had enough (well, me anyway – I’m sure Kim had had enough hours ago!) we decided to eat supper before going back up the mountain.  Our first choice was The Lotus Pod for Thai food, but they had a 30 to 45 minute wait, so we decided pizza sounded just fine!  We walked down to the Blue Moon Bakery and shared a nice pie and had a Blue Moon, of course!

Once we made it back up the hill, we just chilled in front of the TV and finished the laundry, then packed and tried to take a couple of bags down so we wouldn’t have so much stair climbing to do the next day!  So, sorry, nothing exciting to report today, but it was good to have some down time!

Just chillin’,


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